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Day Looks Using Dior Makeup

If you want to look great during the day, you need to know how to apply Dior makeup. When applying powders, lipsticks, mascara or blush, make sure you do it in good lighting. Natural light is the best because it prevents you from wearing too much or too little. A white light can also work well for day makeup. The foundation and powder you use should match your skin tone. They should only be one shade lighter or darker than your skin tone.

Cleanse your face to remove dirt and oils because they prevent you from looking natural once you have applied your foundation. You need to start with a base foundation from the Dior cosmetics range. Use it all over the face and blend it well. Once the foundation is in place, use a soft brush to apply a compact powder. A brush is more suitable because it allows you to apply the powder evenly. The brush should be worked downwards because upward motions can cause lines to appear.

If your eyebrows are natural, brush them slightly for a neat look. If you prefer to add some color, use a color that is similar to the color of your eyebrows. A brush works better because it colors your eyebrows and not your skin. It will also help to define your eyebrow shape. For eye shadow, use a color that will enhance the color of your eyes. Use a minimum of three colors but they have to be from a single color group. Begin by applying color on your eyelid starting with the lightest color.

When applying eyeliner for the day, choose black or brown. Tube liquids are a suitable choice because they give an even look. It should be applied on the edge of the eyelid.