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Let Your Creativity Enhance Your Christmas Lunch

This Christmas have an outdoor lunch that is in sync with the general mood of conserving nature. Enhance the natural experience and do your bit for the environment without compromising on the beauty and decor of the venue.

Follow these tips to make the most of the surroundings and get showered with compliments. All you need is to enhance the existing stuffs while playing with your grey matter.

Bling Bling

Make a canopy out of your old Indian saris collection as the zari will enhance the afternoon rendezvous. You can use old zari sarees like your mother's wedding Benarasi sarees. Even the sequined bright colored sarees will be another ideal option. Spanning from the net to heavy silk ones, all you need is to use your mother's old zari saris.

Not of Indian origin? Just hop into your nearest Indian friend's house - she will be too happy to oblige you with her best saris.

Fabric Paintings

After putting the curtains or veils around, you can get it painted. If the color of the curtains too dull for the natural surroundings, go ahead and add a dash of color with fabric paintings.

You can get the same done on the bedspread and cushion covers for the divan too. The fabric paint should be of good quality as there are chances of ruining the cloth with poor quality stuff.

Crockery Matters

If you are taking so much pain for the decoration, do pay attention to minute details of the crockery aspect too. Try to add color to lunching experience.

Go for bright colored crockery set instead of the standard pale white ones. Bright colored crockery adds to the fun of an outdoor party.

This Christmas do not behave like a Puritan - rather go ahead with inventions.

Mirror Time

You can get small sized mirror work done on the curtains, table cloth etc. The idea is to look quite similar to the theme of Seesha(glass) parties in Dubai.

While selecting the designs, keep in mind your requirements. For lighter fabric like chiffon or net, heavy work can be recommended provided the fabric doesn't get torn. Vice versa for the heavier fabrics.

Table Decor

Keeping up with the festive mood of the Christmas, try an assortment of allium with kaffier lilies and Ireland bells to enhance the dinner table decor. Keep the flower arrangement neat and colorful in order to keep up with the Christmas mood.

Flower Arrangements

Since the Christmas lunch is outdoors, go for flower decoration in all spheres possible. You can put sisas of pink orchids on the hemline of the canopy boundaries.

Go ahead and host a swell lunch this Christmas!