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The Top 3 Strategies For Ideal Personal Branding

If you are in marketing of any kind, than you should already know the importance of "personal branding." But in case you don't already realize the importance of it, I will tell you - Personal Branding is the heart and soul of your success in marketing. Bottom line. Do you know how to create ideal personal branding?

Establishing a personal brand is more important than ever if you are marketing your business online. Anyone can have a website nowadays, and everyone does. How will you stand out? How will you make sure that prospects will pick your website over the millions of others out there? How will you ensure that your emails are the ones being opened by your contact list? Rest assured my friends, yours is probably not the only list they're on.

Let me share the top 3 strategies with you, for ideal personal branding...

Strategy #1: One of the easiest ways to start becoming "someone of interest" and begin building a brand around yourself (Not your company or opportunity. YOURSELF) is through social media sites. If you're not doing it, if you're not a part of it - start today - Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Delicious - just to name a few of the over 400 social media sites and social networking sites available.

Which ones should you choose? Notice that is plural - yes, you should be networking on more than one of these sites. There is a secret to choosing the right social media sites for you to spend your time with, if your purpose is networking and building your personal brand.

Facebook can put you in touch with literally thousands of other people like you, some who may be on the lookout for new opportunities. Don't be overwhelmed if you're a "techno-phobe." These sites are generally user-friendly and you can often find tutorials on the Internet.

Strategy #2: Another aspect of you and your ideal personal branding is the physical you - the person people see when they meet you face-to-face. Give prospects something to see - a real person. A face or voice to put with the name. Or better yet, a video, so they get both.

Making videos of themselves for most people is probably not their idea of fun. I personally am one of those people. I've never even liked having my picture taken; much less putting a picture of myself somewhere millions of people will see it. A good goal to set might be to start by adding audio first to your website, lead capture page, etc., and work your way up to doing a video.

Strategy #3: To create ideal personal branding, it's all about "attraction marketing." There really is no better way to do it. Offer Value + Attract People To You = Prospects You Can Market To For The Rest Of Time.

By educating yourself, by finding mentors who can help you learn and grow, you are creating value that can be shared with your prospects, which will already put you in a better position than the vast majority of marketers out there. This will allow you to attract others to you by providing ongoing value. Get your prospects coming to you.

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