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Tips For Identifying Different Types of Fur

While most new fur coats come with an indicator of what type it is, not all will have the information about the type of fur it is. Vintage coats may no longer have tags on them, so you will have to do a little guesswork to determine what the coat is.

First of all, you should know there are tons of different fur types that are regularly used to create accessories, coats, and other useful clothing articles. Chinchilla, for example, will be extremely soft and be almost blue in color. This is based on their natural coloring of dark gray to slate with a blue tinge.

Coyote fur is typically found in men coats, and rarely in women's clothing. This fur type is more dense than other types of fur wear, and they will be a traditional tan or gray color. Opossum fur is also short and coarse, very dense and thick. They are also used in men's clothing and liners, hats, and gloves for warmth.

Lynx is typically a very white and soft furry material. It is a popular and favorite fur of many collectors'. It is used in women's clothing quite often. Mink and Fox fur are the most common and easily obtainable. In fact, most coats you would find would likely be one of these. Rabbit fur is still popular but not as much as it used to be in the past.

If you cannot determine the type of fur used in the fur coat you have, then take it to a dealer. If you know the brand you can even take it to a store to have them tell you more information. If you are lucky you will come across a rare coat and be able to resell it for quite a bit of money.