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Why Do We Buy What Celebrities Endorse?

Celebrity endorsement worth more than gold...

Another new clothing line and another up and coming celebrity's face is seen pocking out of each garments neckline, grinning their way to a million pound pay check. Why is it that this tactic, which is so expensive for advertisers, keeps shoppers lapping up these clothing lines?

People buy the celebrity not the brand

The truth, that no clothing will admit, is that they don't really care what you think of their clothes at all. All they really care about is that you pay your fifty to a hundred quid for your new pair of jeans. With a celebrity wearing their clothes they can bank on you paying a lot less attention to the garments themselves. Chances are you will have seen Kate Moss or whoever and thought: 'Wow she's cool and pretty' and imagined that you could look cool and pretty like her if you wear them.

When a company choose a celebrity to wear their clothes they just match up the type of clothes they are selling with the appropriate popular celebrity and let the consumer's mind do the rest of the work. If you like football and you see a very famous footballer wearing a particular type of football boot, chances are you will buy those boots.

Even if the celebrity is not that attractive and there are countless attractive models around who will happily do the same job for much less money, advertisers know that the fact celebrity will be recognised by everyone will make them more money.

The brand itself becomes irrelevant too when you have the right celebrity. If you started a company selling 'Brand X' t-shirts and you got David Beckham to wear one in an advert. You can be assured you would make a load of cash, even if your clothes were rubbish.

The problem for the celebrity comes if the things they are seen to endorse end up harming their reputation. If a celebrity diva was seen to be supporting a clothing brand that used third world child slaves to make their garments, you can be assured that this would reflect very badly on their career. Brands like Farah Clothing and specific garments like the famous Barbour Quilted Jacket spend a lot of time ensuring their garments are 100% ethically made.

So next time you are looking at buying something advertised with a celebrity, try and decide if you would buy these clothes if the celebrities face was not involved. You may just end up changing the way you shop or even rethinking your entire wardrobe as a result. Plus you could save some cash.